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Welcome to World Outreach Church

As an interdenominational Christian church, we welcome a diverse opportunity to help people find worship comfortable and more engaging. We’re located in Murfreesboro, TN, just off I-24. Click here to find the church.

Our Mission

Helping people become more fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Learn more about what we believe.

Service Times

Saturday at 5 & 7pm
Sunday at 8:30 & 10:30am
Sundays at 6pm
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Learning to Stand – Privilege of Choice

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  • Get out of the seat of the skeptic—it’s not a fruitful place to stay.
  • Don’t read God’s Word to decide what you disagree with—let God’s Word read you to decide what God disagrees with in you.
  • Don’t let the difficulties of your life rob you of your expectation that God will move. - Pastor Allen
  • Make an appointment with God for prayer and keep it just as you would want others to keep an appointment with you.
  • Decide to become a person who prays.
  • We will not thrive as a Christ-follower apart from the person of the Holy Spirit. Welcome Him into your life.